Second demo vehicle ready

In the C3-Mobility project, another demo vehicle could be put into operation! The VW Passat Variant is the second vehicle alongside the Daimler Actros used to experience the potential of renewable fuels – not only in test operation but also in the daily driving experience.

The Passat Variant is being used to research and demonstrate the potential of fuel blends with methanol-to-gasoline (MtG) as well as ethanol as part of Work Package C3. Particular focus will be placed on the emission potential of the fuel blends.

The investigations will be carried out with different basic grades of MtG and for three different vehicle concepts: close-to-production, with integrated fuel detection, and in an engine with a modified design. In each investigation, the emission potential of the fuel blends is evaluated. In addition, an investigation and demonstration in real-world driving are carried out for each vehicle concept.

Image: Volkswagen AG