The fuels investigated in C3-Mobility regarding engine combustion are methanol itself, polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether (OME 3-5), 2-butanol, petrol via methanol-to-gasoline (MtG), 1-octanol and dimethyl ether (DME). In the work packages B2: 2-butanol, B3: MtG and B4: 1-octanol, the named fuels are synthesized in experimental and technically oriented investigations. The work packages B1: OME and B6: DME will not be investigated experimentally in C³ Mobility in fuel production, as this is already being done in the funded projects Kopernikus P2X and ALIGN-CCUS (ERA-ACT project).

Project ALIGN-CCUS Project Kopernikus P2X

B2: 2-Butanol

The overall objective of the module is the process analytical and experimental evaluation of synthesis paths to 2-butanol based on methanol, as well as their reactor design. An initial concept for a reactor for one or more synthesis steps on the way to 2-butanol will be developed. The work package is led by FZ Jülich with Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC) as partner.

  • subsequent process analysis for deriving the most suitable test conditions
  • design, construction and assembly of a test stand for experiments
  • catalytic converter selection, -synthesis and -characterization
  • catalytic converter screening
  • transient experiments for the determination of kinetic data

B3: Methanol-to-Gasoline (MtG)

Under the direction of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Chair of Reactor Technology and Chair of Energy Process Technology and Thermal Residue Treatment) and with Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (CAC) as partners, the catalyst and process optimization for the MtG process, as well as the conversion and operation of the STF large-scale test, plant for gasoline production on a 2×20 t scale in the central part of this sub module, are located. Finally, the process is evaluated on the basis of material and economic indicators.

  • knowledge-based Development of an optimal MtG catalyst
  • kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the optimal MtG catalyst
  • kinetic modelling and creation of a process model
  • long-term tests and mechanistic studies on the optimal catalyst
  • technology adaptation STF / plant modification
    • process engineering design / specifications
    • detail Engineering / implementation planning
    • modification of gasoline synthesis reactor and peripherals
  • campaign operation STF
    • test preparation, calibration Analytics, data acquisition
    • test execution
  • process evaluation STF
    • scientific support, data evaluation, balancing

B4: 1-Octanol

Forschungszentrum Jülich is working here with Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH as a partner on the process analytical and experimental investigation and evaluation of various synthesis paths to 1-octanol starting from methanol. Similar to 2-butanol, the first concept for a reactor for one or more synthesis steps will be designed.

  • advanced process analysis
  • catalyst selection, synthesis and characterization
  • catalyst screening
  • transient experiments for the determination of kinetic data
  • drafting a first reactor concept