Valuation of electricity-based fuels based on multiple questions
  • Which pathways to which electricity-based fuels (based on Methanol) are possible?
  • Which optimazations of efficiency do engines enable that are optimized for these fuels? Which technologies or adjustments are required?
  • What overal efficiency does the utilization path have from Well-to-Wheel/ Production-to-Wheel?
  • Which fuels allow a backwards compatibility to existing fleets?
  • How does a market launch of new or adapted engines or fuels into existing fleets work?
  • What are the differences compared to a BEV or fuel cell vehicle also regarding costs and infrastructure?

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Publications (selection)

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Benedikt Heuser
Senior Project Manager
Diesel Powertrains


Thorsten Schnorbus
Senior Project Manager
Research and Innovation


Johanna Otting
Project Communication
Research and Innovation