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Fuel Science – From Production to Propulsion

Aachen, GER

From June 23 to 25, 2020, the eighth international conference of the Fuel Science Center, a RWTH Cluster of Excellence, will be taking place at Eurogress Aachen. The principal topics of the conference entitled „Fuel Science – From Production to Propulsion“ are the biofuel production, the conversion of regenerative electricity and various carbon sources to novel synthetic fuels and the combustion processes of such fuels.

In addition to the individual conference units, there will be keynote lectures held by international experts from all disciplines involved. Alongside to learning more about the development of new fuels, representatives from science and industry can also present their work at the conference. Some of the planned topics are impact of renewable fuels on environment, economics, and society, catalytic synthesis and conversion of biomass-based streams in combination with other renewable resources to platform molecules and fuels, combustion process and exhaust gas aftertreatment optimization of renewable fuels and mixture formation and ignition process of renewable fuels.

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