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Zero CO2 Mobility 2020

Aachen, GER

On November 10th and 11th, 2020, FEV Europe will host the fourth international conference „Zero CO 2 Mobility“ in Aachen. Central issue of the conference is the potential and capabilities of different energy storage systems – from battery technology to different types of renewable fuels.

The main topics of the conference are: European capacity for renewable electricity supply, energy conversion, transport and storage, provision of e-fuels, CO 2 neutrality of cars, expanded battery solutions, concepts for urban mobility and CO 2 emissions reduction for trucks and off-road applications.

In order to achieve the climate protection goals of 2015, the transport and transportation sector will have to make substantial savings. It is becoming increasingly clear that electrification will be an important, but by no means the only solution for CO2-free mobility. Alternative fuels play a major role in achieving sustainable mobility. Especially when considering well-to-wheel, they can ensure sustainable and low-pollution mobility. Needs-based drive solutions are particularly important on long distances – synthetic fuels can reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.

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