The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier, has published a guest commentary on the energy transition in Germany in the Handelsblatt. Under the title „The energy transition at the crossroads“, Altmaier traces the process of phasing out nuclear energy and coal and discusses the future prospects of the energy transition. As he states, it is clear that the decarbonization of the economy is not possible with German wind and solar power alone. He therefore clearly advocates green and synthetic fuels: „These can be produced more cheaply in other regions of the world than in Germany, for example in sunny North Africa or in the windy North Sea.“

This is exactly the idea behind C³-Mobility. When it comes to the energy transition, a commitment to only one specific technology would be fatal, and liquid storable energy sources are also needed for the success of the energy transition. The synergy use of the linked electricity, mobility and heating sectors offers a particularly sustainable perspective. We therefore welcome the fact that the topic is so high on the current political agenda!

photo: BPA/Steffen Kugler

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