First C3-Mobility Demonstration vehicle ready

Another milestone was reached in the C3-Mobility project: the commissioning of the Daimler Actros as a demo vehicle. The truck serves to demonstrate the technical maturity of the motor use of the fuel blends OME, 1-octanol and diesel blend examined in work package C7.

Work package C7 researches and demonstrates the engine potential of OME, 1-octanol and diesel blend fuels when used in commercial vehicle engines (displacement > 1l). In addition, dual fuel approaches with pilot and spark ignition are examined for their chances of success.

The motor requirements of heavy commercial vehicles and thus the consumption and emission behavior differ significantly from cars and light commercial vehicles. In addition to other emission regulations for commercial vehicles, the focus of development is influenced by a higher cost sensitivity with regard to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This means that consumption potential in the development of commercial vehicles is significantly more relevant than in the case of cars, in which pollutant emissions are the dominant driver in development.