7. July 2020 / News

Green methanol – succesful calculation of costs

Under the leadership of Prof. Ralf Peters (IEK-14: Electrochemical Process Engineering), our partners from Jülich Research Centre have taken on the costs of producing and transporting green hydrogen and methanol from windy and sunny regions. Saudi Arabia is one of these advantageous regions, but also Chile or Australia. Possible customer regions are Europe, North America or Asia.
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1. July 2020 / News

First C3-Mobility demonstration vehicle ready

Another milestone was reached in the C3-Mobility project, the commissioning of the Daimler Actros as a demo vehicle. The truck serves to demonstrate the technical maturity of the motor use of the fuel blends OME, 1-octanol and diesel blend examined in work package C7.
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15. June 2020 / News

Low carbon liquid fuels enable climate neutrality in transport by 2050

Fuels Europe has presented a study that shows how low carbon liquid fuels (LCLF) could enable the transport sector to contribute to EU climate neutrality by 2050. The path shown in the study also shows that the transport sector can save 100 million tons of CO2 emissions per year by 2035.
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29. April 2020 / News

Ten fuel blends tested for efficiency and emissions

Pleasing results come from work package C2. Under the leadership of the Institute for Combustion Engines (VKA) at RWTH Aachen University, ten fuel mixes with methanol, ethanol, iso-butanol and 2-butanol as well as methanol as a pure component were examined with regard to their suitability for use in car gasoline engines.
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25. February 2020 / News

15.400 liters of synthetic gasoline generated from green Methanol

In the gas synthesis plant at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg converted for C3-Mobility, high-octane petrol is produced from green methanol. Around 15,400 liters have already been made available for the project partners.
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18. February 2020 / News

Pan-European study on the promotion of e-fuels

In a pan-European study, the majority of participants advocated stronger government funding for e-fuels.
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28. January 2020 / News

Fuels of the Future 2020

At the 17th International Congress on Renewable Mobility 2020, the topic of fuels of the future was discussed against the background of the climate protection package of the German government and the green deal of the EU Commission.
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21. January 2020 / News

Commentary by Peter Altmaier on the energy transition

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier wrote in a Handelsblatt commentary on the opportunities of the energy transition and the importance of green synthetic fuels.
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19. November 2019 / News

Consortia Meeting Munich

From October 22 to 23, 2019, our third consortia meeting took place at our partner BMW’s venue in Munich. In addition to substantive discussions, the first very good results of the joint project could already be presented here. The focus of the debates was on the political and public communication of e-fuels.
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8. July 2019 / News

SciTech Europa Publication

The current issue of science magazine Scitech Europa reports on the work and goals of C3-Mobility. The focus is on the production and application of e-fuels based on green methanol for passenger and freight transport.
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1. April 2019 / News

Consortia Meeting Rüsselsheim

Our second consirtia meeting took place at our partner Opel's venue in Rüsselsheim on March 27-28. Not only the next steps were focused, but also first results and milestones could be presented.
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10. February 2019 / News

Launch Conference of the “Energy Transition in the Transport Sector” Funding Initiative

The conference marked the start of the research initiative "energy transition in the transport sector" (EniVer) funded by the German Federal Ministry of for Economic Affairs and Energy which will support 16 project groups in the field of innovative technologies and concepts for synthetic fuels in the next three years.
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15. September 2018 / News

Kick-off Meeting – The Official Start

Our joint meeting marked the beginning of the project and a splendid cooperation.
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