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5th meeting of the Fuels Joint Research Group

Waischenfeld, GER

On June 30 and July 01, 2022, the 5th meeting of the Fuels Joint Research Group will take place at the Fraunhofer Research Campus in Waischenfeld. In times of discussions about bans for combustion engines, the search for new energy concepts for the mobility of tomorrow, and last but not least an intensified discussion about the limitation of CO2 emissions in the course of the Paris climate protection agreement, this year’s conference puts a clear emphasis on new and sustainable fuels.

Hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, solketal – these are just some of the renewable fuels currently under discussion on the road to CO2 -neutral mobility. At the conference, experts will show ways and concepts of how such fuels can be used not only on the road but also in the air and at sea – in other words, in areas where viable solutions are still lacking today. In addition to the application of the fuels, the conference will also address production, national and international political and economic conditions, and social and medical perspectives. At the 5th conference of the Fuels Joint Research Group, technical and scientific experts, operational decision-makers, doctoral candidates and students will have the opportunity to present their ideas and possible solutions for a sustainable future of mobility with an interdisciplinary audience of experts.

In addition, a Young Scientist Competition will be held, to which young scientists working in the thematic area of fuel research are invited to present their research results in the form of posters or digital presentations.

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