Demands for binding e-fuels quota in road and air traffic

Winfried Hermann (Bündnis 90 / Grüne), Minister of Transport in Baden-Württemberg, has called for a binding quota for the use of synthetic fuels in road and air traffic. Together with the SPD member of the Bundestag Andreas Rimkus, member of the Committee for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Bernd Westphal, energy and economic policy spokesman for his parliamentary group, he also called on the federal government to be more committed to alternative fuels. The request was welcomed by various stakeholders. For example, UNITI Bundesverband Mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e.V.  supports  the initiative and sees the promotion of e-fuels, for example by means of an admixture quota, as a suitable instrument for achieving the ambitious climate goals in transport.

According to Winfried Hermann, e-fuels should initially be mixed with conventional fuels such as diesel, gasoline and kerosene in proportions of two to three percent. By 2030, the minister proposes that the share of e-fuels should be ten percent. This is „an important signal to foreign investors that Germany wants to create a market for synthetic fuels.“ Transport Minister Hermann had announced that he would like to „establish a cross-party alliance in the parliamentary groups, federal states and at the federal level in order for this technologically and economically important path not to be neglected further.“

UNITI Press Release